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These charities work tirelessly on issues like conservation, climate change, biodiversity and protecting animals.

Environment & animals

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Compassionate Pug Rescue
Miami, FL 14 favorites

To provide the pugs and other dogs we rescue with veterinary care and a nurturing foster enviroment until they are healthy and placed in a loving"forever home".

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Friends of Broward County Animal Care & Adoption
Hollywood, FL 6 favorites

We are the only non-profit dedicated to helping save lives, improve shelter conditions & reduce shelter population for our county municipal shelter - which takes in 20,000 pets per year.

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The Earthman Project
Dania Beach, FL 5 favorites

The Earthman Project uses the power of music, the arts, and the web to educate, and then activate children and adults to protect the environment.

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Dalmatian Rescue, Inc.
North Miami Beach, FL 14 favorites

Dalmatian Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill organization dedicated to the rescue, protection, placement and education of this breed. Our organization exists solely on donations and volunteer efforts. All pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, ...

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Humane Society of Greater Miami
North Miami Beach, FL 38 favorites

The Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet is dedicated to placing every dog and cat in our care into a loving home and to promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.

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IGFA - International Game Fish Association
Dania Beach, FL 9 favorites

The International Game Fish Association is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical, angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping.

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St. Martin de Porres' Help for Handicapped & ...
Dania Beach, FL 16 favorites

St. Martin's rescues the neediest dogs of all -- the handicapped, abused, and homeless. These dogs are rescued from the streets or abusive situtations. All are given medical care and placed into loving foster or permanent homes. In ...

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South Florida Wildlife Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL 26 favorites

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife that has been harmed or displaced; to treat and place certain needy domestic, exotic and farm animals; and to educate the public toward coexistence with all animals.

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