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These charities work for the greater good by offering programs and services that enhance neighborhoods and help communities thrive.

Civic & public benefit

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Human Life of Washington Education Foundation
Bellevue, WA 3 favorites

Pro-life educational programs and materials to promote understanding of the life issues including abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. Speakers to schools, civic groups and churches.

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Nature Vision
Woodinville, WA 7 favorites

Nature Vision manages and presents hands-on, minds-on programs about our natural and cultural resources to school-age students, families, and adult groups. Our mission is to foster citizen appreciation and stewardship of our environment ...

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The Voila Foundation
Bellevue, WA 5 favorites

Voila, a leading wireless communications provider in Haiti, intends to play a vital role in helping rebuild the country. The Voila Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity in the U.S., will maintain educational opportunity ...

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Seattle Children's Hospital
Seattle, WA 75 favorites

We believe all children have unique needs and should grow up without illness or injury. With the support of the community and through our spirit of inquiry, we will prevent, treat, and eliminate pediatric disease. Founded in 1907, ...

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Let Kids Be Kids Inc.
seattle, WA 5 favorites

Let Kids Be Kids is dedicated to bringing people together with various organizations, and other concerned people, committed to solving some of the challenges we all face today in society with poverty/homelessness, HIV/AIDS and ...

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Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation
Seattle, WA 2 favorites

Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation provides bicycle education programs and consulting services to the local community in the interest of improving lives through bicycling. We encourage and educate people of all ages and abilities ...

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North Helpline Lake City / Northgate Foodbank
Seattle, WA 3 favorites

Feed the Hungry Keep Families in their Homes And Children in their Schools

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Providence Marianwood
Issaquah, WA 1 favorites

Providence Marianwood is a non-profit skilled nursing facility that provides long-and short-term care services that meet diverse needs. As a mission-driven organization, no one is ever asked to leave because he or she cannot provide ...

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