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These charities are doing great work to support literature, history, philosophy, music and the arts around the world.

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Rising Lotus Childrens Village
Orlando, FL 7 favorites

Rising Lotus Children's Village is a non-profit children's home located in Nepal outside of Kathmandu. We provide Nepalese orphans with the hope, care and education they need to transcend poverty; secure better futures; and become ...

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Arts for Relief & Missions
Leesburg, FL 1 favorites

Arts for Relief and Missions uses the arts and music for missionary works and churches in the U.S. and abroad. We also equip artists and musicians as ambassadors For God's work by teaching Christian character in the light of God's truth.

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Challenge For The Children
Orlando, FL 8 favorites

Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone collectively known as *NSYNC, founded CFTC in 1999. The main priority is to offer financial support to children’s programs and charities throughout the country.

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Central Florida Community Arts
Orlando, FL 5 favorites

CFCArts exists to enrich our community’s quality of life by making the arts accessible and affordable for all. We provide an inclusive and welcoming creative platform where individuals can connect by joining an artistic family, perform for ...

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Global Peace Film Festival, Inc.
Orlando, FL 4 favorites

The Global Peace Film Festival is a celebratory event and a place to honor those who promote global and community awareness of peace and environmental sustainability through the most powerful form of communication in our world today. It ...

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Mad Cow Theatre
Orlando, FL 1 favorites

Mad Cow Theatre is founded on the belief that the Theatre is a dynamic and powerful means of social understanding, as well as a hugely entertaining art form. Through the combination of passionate, skillful acting and compelling, ...

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Educate The World INC.
ORLANDO, FL 2 favorites

Educate The World Inc. Is Committed to helping improve People’s Lives through Education By Providing Educational Tools Such As Computers, Other Technology Tools, Books Etc. to Underprivileged Children, Youths And unemployed Military ...

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Shepherd Vision Missionary, Inc
orlando, FL 0 favorites

Creating opportunities and empowering change.

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